STEM Friday #Kidlit One Iguana, Two Iguanas: A Story of Accident, Natural Selection, and Evolution

Prolific and award-winning children’s book author Sneed B. Collard III is not afraid to tackle tough STEM topics, such as fire ecology (Fire Birds) and climate change (Hopping Ahead of Climate Change). Now he’s taken on evolution with his new … Continue reading

#ReadYourWorld Celebrate Multicultural Children’s Book Day with Real MVP Kids Books

The excitement is palpable because it is Multicultural Children’s Book Day today! Please read all about how Multicultural Children’s Book Day came about and all the fun events today below. To add to the excitement, the organizers paired me with … Continue reading

#twitterparty #Readyourworld Has Even More Prizes for Friday

You know what is happening Friday, right? Even MORE prizes have been added for the @McChildsBookDay Twitter Party 2019 on 1/25/19! See all the great books and more you might win at this link, including books from Real MCP Kids® … Continue reading