Travel the U.S. with Infographic Maps: Arizona Edition

Doing a unit on U.S. history or geography? Planning a trip across the U.S. with children? For several years, here at Wrapped in Foil we have had the Reading Across the States website with lists of children’s books from all … Continue reading

Exploring Minnesota’s Wildlife through Children’s Books

Minnesota is the land of prairies, lakes and coniferous forests known as the North Woods. Children can learn more about the diverse animals and plants that live in Minnesota through picture books like these: Coming out April 15, 2014 is … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning and Children’s Books by States

This weekend I was doing a spring-cleaning project (more about that below) and found some books that would also be appropriate for Women’s History Month. The books highlight the lives of Helen Keller, Rosa Parks and Claudette Colvin.  Do you … Continue reading

Arizona Way Out West & Witty

Are you interested in children’s books about states or that have strong settings? I have a list of children’s books by setting at the Reading Through the States. It’s Arizona’s centennial year, and to celebrate let’s take a look at … Continue reading