Mysterious Patterns: Finding Fractals in Nature

This weekend I caught a few episodes of the old TV series Numb3rs, one of which reminded me of last year’s fabulous math book for kids Mysterious Patterns: Finding Fractals in Nature by Sarah C. Campbell and photographs by Richard … Continue reading

Rain Forest Book Shows the Way

Looking for a new way to teach infographics to middle graders? 30 Million Different Insects in the Rainforest (The Big Countdown) by Paul Rockett and illustrated by Mark Ruffle is all about visualizing numbers and infographics. Although the title might … Continue reading

Children’s Books About African-American Ballerinas: Michaela DePrince

This week the spotlight is on children’s books featuring African-American ballerinas. Why choose books about African-American ballerinas? First of all, because there are a lot of great reasons to read diversely. Secondly, because a lot of good things can come … Continue reading

Two New #Kidlit Books About Chocolate

Chocolate is so popular. What better way to get children to delve into reading than offering books on a topic they love? Today we have a beginning reader and a young adult title, both of which will make you crave … Continue reading