Orb Weavers: Hungry Spinners By Sandra Markle

Did you hear about the spiders that went into space last week on the Space Shuttle Endeavor? The spider are part of a project aimed at getting children involved in science (see more about it in related activities section). Our … Continue reading

The Chiru of High Tibet: A True Story

The Chiru of High Tibet: A True Story by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and illustrated by Linda Wingerter Reading level: Picture Book (Ages 4-8) Summary:  Overview of the life of the unique antelope-like chiru (found only in Tibet) and of the … Continue reading

Bat Researcher, A Dirty Job

Bat Researcher by Michael Burgan Series:  Dirty and Dangerous Jobs Reading level: Grade 4+ Summary: Easy-to-read overview of bat biology and what it like to be a bat researcher. Illustrations: Color photographs Comments:  Useful as a quick introduction to the … Continue reading

Insect Detective

Insect Detective by Steve Voake and illustrated by Charlotte Voake Reading level: Picture book (Ages 4-8) Summary: “Become an insect detective and find out what the insects around you are up to. ” Children are encouraged to listen for a … Continue reading