On Creativity and Writing

I have always wondered why I don’t mind taking a hundred photographs and throwing out the 50 or even more that are slightly out of focus or didn’t capture the image the way I wanted, but that I expect every word I write to turn out brilliantly.

Thanks to my friend Deb for pointing out that in every creative process you need to be willing to create some (and maybe a lot of) duds, learn from them, throw them out either literally or figuratively, and keep trying. Sometimes you need to perform exercises that are meaningful only to your own process in order to produce works that speak to others in the future.

What do you think?

2 Replies to “On Creativity and Writing”

  1. You’re right! As for the literal trashing, a number of articles I’ve read say that just a phrase might be salvageable for a future project; one shouldn’t burn one’s bridges.

    While I’m reading, if a turn of phrase appeals to me, I make a note of it. Maybe someday I could compile them into a collection of great quotable passages! Just kidding.

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