Another Way to Find Book Reviews

Have you ever been looking for book reviews on a certain book, and not felt you have gotten all you could have from the search? I know you probably have already discovered this, but when searching for book reviews of Dinotrux, I accidentally found a new way to search for book reviews. Instead of searching for “Dinotrux book review” in the web, try “Dinotrux” in images.

Results of a standard web search:


(Note: I did this search yesterday and I don’t know how my post ended up on the first page. It’s a fluke, I’m sure.)

Here’s what an image search looks like:


Seems like a lot more and better options, although maybe that’s because I’m a visual person.

In any case, I’m going to try to include images of the cover from now on so people can find my reviews. Up to know I have just added Amazon links, which has been fast and easy and gives readers a quick way to find out more, but wouldn’t show up in an image search.

I am very curious what you think. Did you already know about searching by image? What do you think of searching by image, does it lead to more finds? How do you include book cover images in your reviews and why?

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