Winter’s Tail Book Coming Soon

winter's tailIf you work with children, you might be interested in all the exciting activities surrounding the October release of the children’s book Winter’s Tail by Juliana Hatkoff, Isabella Hatkoff and Craig Hatkoff. Winter’s Tail is the heartrending story of a young dolphin named Winter who lost her tail after becoming entangled in a crab trap line. After she healed, she was fitted with a prosthetic tail.

There will be a webcast of a virtual field trip to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater Florida on Wednesday, October 7, from 1:00 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. Sponsored by Scholastic and Turtle Pond Interactive, you find teaching materials at You can also see a short video introduction to Winter. Note: the video does show a mauled tail, so you might want to prepare young/sensitive children.

For an excerpt of the Winter’s Tail, see

Winter’s Tail: How One Little Dolphin Learned To Swim Again
by Juliana Hatkoff, Isabella Hatkoff and Craig Hatkoff


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