Thursday Children’s Author Trivia Challenge


Are you ready for a fun challenge?

This summer I’m going to post some trivia questions about authors of children’s books on Thursdays. I will post the answers (if you haven’t already guessed them) and new questions next Thursday.

Question 1. (easy)  This author’s most famous work is about her own family life, with herself and her three sisters as characters. Can you name the author and the book?

Question 2. (moderately difficult) What children’s author found the books she had donated to her son’s school had been banned from the shelves?

Question 3. And finally, here’s a tricky one:  What author typed the manuscript for her most famous book on a typewriter with a faulty w, and had to fill all the w’s in by hand?

I would love to hear from everyone, children and adults. So, leave your guesses in the comments below. I’d also love to hear suggestions for making this more fun and/or ideas for questions (my e-mail is on the About page).

The answers are now posted.

2 Replies to “Thursday Children’s Author Trivia Challenge”

  1. 1. Easy, Louisa May Alcott … Little Women
    2 and 3, no clue!

    on question 2, was it the author’s books that had been banned, those she had written? Or just random books she had donated? If it was her books, maybe Judy Blume? Author of “Are you there, god? It’s me, Margaret.”

    question 3 … not a contemporary author, since she used a typewriter!

  2. You got the first one right away, and for saying you didn’t have a clue, you got the second one, too. You know your authors!

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