Children’s Author Trivia Volume 10

How about some better clues today? Can you guess who these children’s book authors are?trivia-logo

23. This author’s first book was a fictional account of her older sister’s early death, called A Summer to Die. For later books, she won Newbery Medals in 1990 and 1994. Who is she?

24. This writer enjoyed fairy tales as a child and her books often have a fairy tale quality. She was given art lessons by her mother, and has worked as an illustrator as well as a writer. In fact her first book was a collaboration with her husband. He wrote the book and she illustrated it. Two of her books have been made into movies, and one was a Newbery Honor book. Do you recognize the author?

Are the clues with more details helpful? What do you think?

The answers are now posted.

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