Children’s Author Trivia Volume 9

Let’s do more children’s authors whose books were turned into movies. Who wrote these books that came alive on film?trivia-logo

20. How do you change a simple picture book into a full length movie? The filmmakers must have had a few nightmares trying to get this one right. Or maybe just a wild time…

21. Do made-for television movies count? If you suffer from arachnophobia you might not enjoy this movie as much as most children do.

22. This author also had more than one book made into movies. His books are best known for their animal main characters. Arachnophobia might be a problem for people watching one of these movies as well.

Please let us know your guesses, answers and/or comments.

Edit:  The answers are now posted. Congratulations to Zann and Karen for figuring out the first one.

4 Replies to “Children’s Author Trivia Volume 9”

  1. That would be my guess for #20 also.

    Since I do have a wee bit of arachnophobia (that spider in the LOTR trilogy freaked me out!), I don’t think I’ve watched #21 or 22.

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