Children’s Author Trivia Volume 15

trivia-logoSurprise! Next week we are thrilled to have an author of over thirty children’s books stop by for an interview. Take a look at the brief biography below and see if you can guess who will be coming.

This writer grew up on a farm in Michigan, which she says led to her interest in animals and nature. She graduated from college with a dual degree in English and Spanish, thinking that she would teach. Taking a home-study course on how to write children’s books made her realize that she wanted to write instead. After working as an editor for a children’s magazine, and an editor/writer for the coloring and activity books division of Golden Books, she began writing nonfiction books about animals and plants. More recently, her fiction has been published, with two popular books from Sylvan Dell Publishing, and another new title releasing this month from Star Bright Books.

Can you guess who is coming to visit? Leave us a comment if you have an idea.

Edit: Answer was posted.

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