Children’s Author Trivia Volume 17

trivia-logoTo make answering the Children’s Author Trivia questions more fun, how about you can get a bit of bling for your blog if you are the first person to leave the correct answer for a question? I would send you an e-mail if you were a winner asking if you’d like a button. (See the buttons below.)

And without further ado, here are this week’s questions:

36. With characters as diverse as a dog named after a grocery store, a mouse with large ears, and a large china rabbit, what this author’s award-winning books have in common is that they are very popular with children and adults.

37. This author started out writing mostly nonfiction for magazines, but after 15 years tried writing fiction books for children and found his passion. Baseball figures prominently in many of his books.

If you know the authors, please leave a comment.

Edit: The answers are now posted.

And let me know what do you think of the idea of bling for your blog…

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