Children’s Author Trivia Volume 25

We are going back a few years to remember some authors who specialize in books for the youngest set.trivia-logo

52. Our first author wrote over 300 books, mostly for preschoolers. Some of his books are so popular that children (and adults) can recite them years after reading them. Another popular author, Eric Carle, illustrated a few of this author’s books. One of his titles starts with Brown... Can you name this beloved author?

53. Our second author is known for her absolutely beautiful illustrations. Her books often show adorable animals dressed in fine knits, such as hats or mittens, either accidentally or on purpose. She writes that she wanted to be an illustrator when she was a young child. According to her website, her books have sold over thirty six million copies, so it seems she has succeeded! Do you recognize this fine illustrator?

Edit: The answer is now posted.

3 Replies to “Children’s Author Trivia Volume 25”

  1. I’m sure the book you mention is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” but I’d have to Google the author, since you say it is not Eric Carle.

  2. 52. The author is Bill Martin. Classic books!

    53. Jan Brett. She popped into my mind when you mentioned sweaters, and then looked at her site and pow…there she is in one of the sweaters that she draws often (thickly knit, Scandinavian looking). I hadn’t seen her site before….always fun to read up on the authors and illustrators we all know so well. 🙂

    Fun quiz. I’ve just bookmarked your site for lots of future perusing!

    Betsy Parkes

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