Children’s Author Trivia Volume 27

Today we have two people featured at the 2010 National Book Festival.

56. Our first author finds time to write when she isn’t busy promoting literacy. Living in New Mexico, her books for children are often bilingual, with themes from the desert and the Southwest. Her grandparents came from Mexico during the early 1900’s and now she works to record the culture of the area. Any ideas who she might be?

57. This illustrator has an incredible story to tell. Growing up in rural North Carolina, his school offered no art classes. He taught himself to draw using the few how-to-draw books he found in the school library and by watching television shows about art and artists. When he moved to New Jersey at the beginning of high school, he finally could take art courses. He went on to obtain a degree in illustration and has become an award-winning illustrator of children’s books. No wonder he is on the Children’s Book Council’s list of seventy-five authors and illustrators everyone should know.

Do you recognize him?

Edit: The answers are now posted.

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