Nonfiction Monday for February 14, 2011

Welcome to a very special Nonfiction Monday. Not only are we going to find out about some sweet nonfiction books for young readers, but we are also going to celebrate the exceptional books that won the Cybils Awards today. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the many people who made the awards possible.

Please leave the links to your posts in the comments below. I will add them as the day goes by. Be sure to let us know if you are Celebrating Cybils today.

We start out with Doret from the The HappyNappyBookseller. She was a Round I judge for Cybils in the Nonfiction Picture Book category and reviewed many of the nominated books at her blog. Today Doret reviews Odetta:The Queen of Folk by Stephen Alcorn.

Kara has the winner of the Cybils Nonfiction Picture Book category, The Extraordinary Mark Twain (According to Susy) by Barbara Kerley, with illustrations by Edwin Fotheringham, at Not Just For Kids. Kara was a Round II judge.

Over at Playing by the Book, Zoe teaches a new word – puffling- with the book Nights of the Pufflings by Bruce McMillan. She also has an adorable activity to accompany the book.

Carol is celebrating CYBILS Nonfiction Picture Books today at Rasco from RIF . She pays tribute to the winner, plus has blurbs about all the wonderful books on the shortlist. She writes, “What an honor to be a panel member round two for this selection!”

In another post about a book for bird-lovers, Jeff  at NC Teacher Stuff takes a look at Hummingbirds: Facts and Folklore from the Americas, written by Jeanette Larson and Adrienne Yorinks, illustrated by Adrienne Yorinks. As usual, he has some neat ideas how to use the book, too.  Jeff was a Round I judge for Cybils.

Today I went back to my science roots at Growing With Science, with one of the books on the Cybils shortlist, Pop!: The Invention of Bubble Gum by Meghan McCarthy.  It was a privilege to be a Round II Cybils judge and work with Jone and the other panelists. What a fabulous experience.

Lisa of Shelf-employed has a review of the sweet tale of  Astro: The Steller Sea Lion. This book was nominated for the Nonfiction Picture Book category, although as Lisa points out, for some reason in the back matter the publisher describes the work as fiction.

“I totally acknowledge that I’m being a total downer on Valentine’s/Cybils day,” writes Angela at Bookish Blather.  She reviewed the serious book Five Thousand Years of Slavery by Marjorie Gann and Janet Willen.

Abby over at Abby the Librarian also has a bittersweet book, with Amelia Lost by Candance Fleming. She admits a few tears reading this one. Abby was a Round I Cybils judge.

At A Patchwork of Books, Amanda gushes about  Animal Colors by Beth Fielding.

Sounds like the 3D illustrations make Here Comes the Garbage Barge! by Jonah Winter unique. Kim brings it to our attention at Wild About Nature blog.

“Congratulations to the Cybils winners!” writes Shirley from Simply Science. Shirley was a Round I Cybils judge. Today she has a review of Carrots Grow Underground by Mari Schuh, and many excellent suggestions for related educational activities.

Do you know what a ragdoll is? Jennifer explains that Ragdolls are the Best by Elaine Landau is a book in a series about cat breeds. Jennifer writes at Jean Little Library blog. Ragdolls rule!

Cindy says Bookends is swinging into the week with a post about pendulums…and another Cybils Nonfiction Picture Book nominee, Come See the Earth Turn by Lori Mortensen.

At The Children’s War blog, Alex brings us the middle grade book Music for the End of Time by Jen Bryant and illustrated by Beth Peck.  The book is about the French composer, Olivier Messiaenis, who wrote a musical composition while he was a prisoner of war during World War II.

Brenda wishes Charles Darwin a happy belated 202 birthday (his birthday was Saturday), by reviewing Charles Darwin and the Mystery of Mysteries by Niles Eldredge and Susan Pearson at proseandkahn.

True Tales & A Cherry On Top is racing into Valentines Day with  Tillie The Terrible Swede – How One Woman, A Sewing Needle, and a Bicycle Changed History by Sue Stauffacher and illustrated by Sarah McMenemy. Jeanne has a clever acrostic to celebrate this intriguing title. (She is also the author of the Cybils nominee Astro: The Steller Sea Lion -see above)

Jennie is in today with a biography Duke Ellington: His Life in Jazz with 21 Activities by Stephanie Stein Crease at Biblio File, another book with plenty of hands-on activities from Chicago Review Press.

Mary Ann of Great Kids Books shares Calico Dorsey: Mail Dog of the Mining Camps by Susan Lendroth and illustrations by Adam Gustavson. It is a fun picture book based on a true story about a dog who helped delivery mail during the 1880s to the Bismark silver mine camp in southern California.

There is a lot to look at in Before & After: A Book of Nature Timescapes by Jan Thornhill according to Tammy at Apples With Many Seeds. An interesting idea for a science book.

“Our 2nd grade is gonna LOVE this book!” writes Paula of Pink Me blog about Astro: the Steller Sea Lion by Jeanne Walker Harvey. Paula was a Cybils judge in the Graphic Novels category.

Three Turtles and Their Pet Librarian review the fun Is That a Fact? series by Alison Behnke from Lerner.

Janet’s selection this week was Heroes of the Environment: true stories of people who are helping to protect our planet written by Harriet Rohmer and illustrated by Julie McLaughlin at All About the Books with Janet Squires.

And finally, the Book Woogie crew reviewed Kadir Nelson’s “We Are the Ship.”

I was hoping someone from the Cybils MG/YA Nonfiction group would stop by with a review of the winner, The Secret of the Yellow Death: A True Story of Medical Sleuthing by Suzanne Jurmain. In lieu, Jennie at Biblio File has a review.


Nonfiction Monday is a blogging celebration of nonfiction books for kids. We invite you to join us. For more information and a schedule, stop by the new Nonfiction Monday blog to see who is hosting each week.

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  1. Hello again, I wanted to also send out a huge YAHOOOO and warmest congratulations to Barbara Kerley for winning the nonfiction CYBIL for THE EXTRAORDINARY MARK TWAIN (According to Susy). And, a huge thank you (with a Valentine tucked in) to all the CYBIL judges for generously sharing their time, thoughtfulness, and expertise!

  2. Hi Roberta,

    Thanks so much — I’m so excited about the CYBILS Award. And thanks for hosting Nonfiction Mondays — such a great way to get the word out about nonfiction for kids 🙂

  3. Thanks for hosting.
    My selection is Heroes of the Environment: true stories of people who are helping to protect our planet” written by Harriet Rohmer and illustrated by Julie McLaughlin.

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