Children’s Author Trivia Volume 29

Where are we going today? Our first author is from England, and our second is Australia.

Question 60. Our first author got his start almost by accident. The students in his classes loved the stories he told, so he wrote them down. His discovery has led to over 100 books. His books have won numerous awards and one is that is currently being made into a film by none other than Steven Spielberg.

In addition to being a prolific author, he is also a children’s rights advocate and started the Farms for City Children program that has been active for 30 years.

Do you know who he is?

Question 61. Our second author had a lofty goal. She wanted children to be able to read books by Australian authors. Going to the myths and legends of the local people, she then developed stories that were distinctly of the land. Perhaps you’ve heard of The Nargun and the Stars? Her fantasy novels received attention not only in Australia, but throughout the world and in 1986 she won the Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing.

Do you know who this woman who helped formulate Australian children’s literature might be?

Edit: the answer is now posted.

2 Replies to “Children’s Author Trivia Volume 29”

  1. Yep, #1 is Michael Morpurgo.
    Was this article generated by my piece on “War Horse?” Good for you!

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