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Have you visited the Share A Story- Shape a Future website yet? Be sure to check the Read Aloud Resources for lists of engaging books to read with children. Did you know yesterday was World Read Aloud Day? Let’s make every day Read Aloud Day!

Today’s topic is Literacy 2.0. The main blog carnival is hosted at There’s a Book with Literacy 2.0 – Taking the Gift of Literacy Into the Future. What is the future of literacy with the recent additions of videos, e-books, and apps? Danielle Smith has gathered some very thought-provoking posts on the topic. Seems many people are deciding that all these innovations are adding new tools to the literacy toolbox rather than taking away attention from the good old book. Novel ways to explore literacy are helpful for children (and adults) with diverse learning styles and/or special needs, as well as being just plain fun.

What is your favorite “way” to share literacy with kids?

I actually love to share literacy with children in a variety of ways. First we read a book together. It can be fiction or nonfiction. I like to read the story aloud to engage the auditory learners and show the pictures/text for the visual learners.

Then it’s time to draw in those tactile/kinesthetic learners with a related hands-on activity. Although the feel of the book, the paper and the physical act of turning the pages can occupy a kinesthetic learner, doing an activity that relates to the book really cements learning and adds enjoyment.

For example, for a recent post, I suggested using Skit-Scat Raggedy Cat: Ella Fitzgerald by Roxane Orgill as a jumping off point to many discoveries.

  • Play some of Ella Fitzgerald’s music.
  • Learn one of the dances from the depression era.
  • Explore the clothes of the time by looking at photographs and then design your own clothes.
  • Make up your own songs and sing them.
  • Use some of those fun words like skit and skat in a poem.

Okay, I think you get the idea.

All of these ways to share a book are possible with apps and e-books as well as with a regular books. The most important ingredient is you taking the time to interact with the child(ren) in a meaningful way.

What do you think of the future of literacy? What is your favorite way to share a book?

Edit:  Just found this story about Cushing Academy in Boston that is getting rid of all its books and going completely electronic. What do you think?

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