Children’s Author Trivia Volume 35 Answers

It’s time for the answers to last week’s trivia questions.

Question 1. What famous author was named Marguerite Johnson when she was born in 1928?

Marguerite Johnson assumed the professional name Maya Angelou while working as a dancer in her 20’s. Although not strictly a children’s author, Angelou’s works are often assigned reading in English classrooms.

Question 2. Do you know who was a cartoonist for New Yorker before becoming a children’s book illustrator/poet? I’ll give you a hint:  he often works with brown paper bags.

No one recognized Douglas Florian as the artist/poet that often works with primed paper bags? According to a biography, he was working as a cartoonist for the New Yorker when he read Oh, That’s Ridiculous by William Cole. That anthology inspired Florian to write and illustrate for children.

These two very quick videos give you a glimpse of Douglas Florian in action:

His favorite word:

I reviewed one of his books, Poetrees, last year.

A few others:

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