Children’s Author Trivia Volume 36 Answers

Both of the authors today have fun, wacky websites.

1. Our first author started out as a cartoonist at an early age. Some of his most famous books are based on a character he developed in second grade. Now that he’s an adult, he is both an author and illustrator. His book, The Paperboy, won a Caldecott Honor. Do you know who this author is?

Dav Pilkey is the author who channels his childhood self in his books. Best known for two series that make some parents and educators cringe, Dumb Bunnies and Captain Underpants, Dav Pilkey’s website warns that it is, “too silly for grown-ups.”

The Paperboy, however, is seriously a great book. Listen to it read by Forest Whitaker.

2. Our second author has everything from celebrity photographs of a yellow stuffed creature named “Peepy” to videos of trained goldfish on her website. She’s a Chinese-American author born in 1959. Any ideas who she might be?

Lisa Yee is the author who has gathered photographs of many prominent children’s book authors posing with Peepy, including such celebrities as Julie Andrews and Henry Winkler. You should go see how many you recognize.

Are you familiar with any of Lisa Yee’s books?

Bonus question:  Do you know who the current National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature is?

Katherine Paterson is serving as the Ambassador for 2010-2011.

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