Children’s Author Trivia Volume 37 Answers

Today we have questions about two illustrators who are quietly expanding the look of children’s picture books, literally taking illustration to a whole new dimension.

1. Our first author loves to sew and has been able to incorporate sewing into her illustrations. One of her books won the 2011 Boston Globe – Horn Book award in the picture book category. Do you recognize this illustrator?

Salley Mavor won the Boston Globe-Horn Book award with Pocketful of Posies: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes. Her illustrations are labelled as “fabric relief,” although they are really much more that simply fabric. We have a copy of her Mary Had a Little Lamb, and the illustrations have real pebbles, beads, tiny buttons and even a tiny bell.

You can see more of her amazing work in videos on her website.

2. People magazine once said that through his work with paper engineering, our second illustrator has been turned into “… the Steven Spielberg of ascending insects.” This man, working with his wife at times, has put the “pop” into pop-up books. Do you know who he is?

David A. Carter, who often works with his wife Noelle L. Carter, has created numerous pop-up books that are favorites of young children and adults alike. There is a freshness and a feeling of joy of discovery that make his books so unique.

Here’s a short video of his work, and then a longer video of David A. Carter giving a speech.

The People magazine article

A few of David A. Carter’s many books:

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