Were Early Computers Really the Size of a School Bus?

Were Early Computers Really the Size of a School Bus? And Other Questions about Inventions by Deborah Kops and illustrated by Colin W. Thompson is part of the growing Is That a Fact? series.

In the books in this series, common ideas or urban legends are put the the test. Did Henry Ford really invent the car as you might have heard? No, Henry Ford’s main contribution was in developing ways to mass produce cars (and some of that he borrowed from other sources as well.) Some questions are common, like this one, but others were new to me. I did not know about Clarence Birdseye was the person who invented a new technique for freezing food. I thought Birdseye was only a brand name.

The research and writing for this book are top notch, and the two-page spreads for each question addresses the main points, but don’t linger to the point of overkill. It’s a really nice format for this age group.

Were Early Computers Really the Size of a School Bus? is a wonderful way to delve into science, technology and history. It is also a perfect way to introduce topics of critical thinking and fact checking. Check one out today!

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Library Binding: 40 pages
Publisher: Lerner Publications (January 2011)
ISBN-10: 0761360980
ISBN-13: 978-0761360988

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  1. I remember those computers! and we had to fill their mouths with punchcards… and woe unto anyone who tripped and spilled their box of cards on the way to the input window. I’m gonna have to read this book!

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