Children’s Author Trivia Volume 41

These two people have nothing in common, except that they live in places where I have lived, too. Let’s jump right in with the trivia questions:

1. Our mystery illustrator has won many awards for her illustrations of incredibly realistic nature in children’s picture books. Her work is so fine, the books she illustrates could easily be used a coffee table art books. She also has illustrated some books with a Southwest theme, and is particularly interested in Native American culture (I actually met her because she lives in the same state as I do, Arizona.) The first book she illustrated was about ten little rabbits. Topics of more recent ones include eggs, seeds and butterflies.

2. Our second author grew up in central New York, (which is also where I grew up). He decided he wanted to become a writer at the tender age of 17, but had to take a number of different jobs before his career really took off. Now he has over 200 books published, most of which are for upper elementary-aged children. He has written one book with his best friend, Jane Yolen, and one about a teacher who is an alien.

Be sure to leave a comment if you have an idea who our mystery illustrators and authors might be.

Edit:  The answers are now posted.


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