Children’s Author Trivia Volume 45

For Children’s Author Trivia this week we decided to choose authors who have written about cats.

1. Our first author’s book about cats is touted as “the oldest American picture book still in print.” It is one of the few picture books to win the Newbery Honor award, which it did in 1929. Another clue:  the author had to add an accent to her name because so many people mispronounced it. Do you recognize the author or her book?

2. Our second author based her books about cats on actual cats she knew. Her first book, which she both wrote and illustrated, was about a cat who wore a red scarf. It was published in 1944.

3. Our third author’s book about a cat also won a Newbery (in 1950). Her tale was inspired by a trip to Vermont. Rather than wearing red, this author’s cat was blue.

Please leave a comment if you recognize any of the authors or their books.

Edit:  the answer is now posted.


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  1. We haven’t been playing along lately. This time I did a little googling.
    1 – Wanda Gág
    2 – Esther Averill – Aine is a big fan of Jenny Linsky
    3 – Catherine Coblentz

    We haven’t read two of these authors. I think a trip to the library is in order.

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