Children’s Author Trivia Volume 46

Last week we chose authors who had written about cats. To be fair, today we have authors of books about dogs.

1. Our first book is about a boy who hides a dog that does not belong to him. Although the author has written many books with about a female character named Alice, this book about a boy and a dog is probably her most widely read.

2. The title of this hugely-popular Newbery Honor book relates to a dog that is named after a grocery store. Need we say more?

3. Our third author is also an illustrator. His beginning reader featuring dogs on the go is a classic.

Please leave a comment if you recognize any of the authors or their books.

The answers are now posted.


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One Reply to “Children’s Author Trivia Volume 46”

  1. 1. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (Shiloh)
    2. Kate DiCamillo (Winn Dixie)
    3. P.D. Eastman (Go, Dog. Go!)

    don’t forget Fred Gipson (Old Yeller), Sheila Burnford (The Incredible Journey) and several by Avi in your list of dog books.

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