What’s New at Wrapped In Foil

wrapped-red-foil-wordsAnyone notice the new link in the navigation bar up there “Resources for Youth Librarians“? Wonder what it is about?

About two weeks ago I gave a talk about children’s book blogging/eResources to a group of youth librarians in western New York. I started a list and then the participants gave me many additional ideas. All the links are now compiled into a giant catalog that continues to grow each day. Anyway, if you are interested in blogging or social networks, you might want to take a peek. Please feel free to suggest your own additions.

Also, I have been doing a bit of housecleaning at the Wrapped In Foil website, which has lists of children’s book set in different states. You might want to take a look if you’ve never visited. I haven’t upgraded all the lists, but am making progress. I would love to add lists from other countries sometime soon.  Anyone interested in helping?

Have a great weekend!

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