Adding a Comment on a (Blogger) Blog

While participating in the Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge this weekend, I have been leaving quite a few comments on blogs. What an experience!

Because one of the Bloggiesta challenges was to create an infographic using Piktochart, I decided to show (in a less-than-serious way) what leaving a comment on a Blogger blog is like for a WordPress user.

Adding CommentThose are screenshots from an actual attempt to leave a comment using my WordPress profile.

To Blogger users:  including the Name/URL option makes it easier for non-Blogger users to comment.

Final solution:  I eventually revived my old Blogger profile, although I still lose comments the first time.



While leaving comments was a challenge, Piktochart is the most fun I’ve had in ages. It is very easy to learn. I had made my first infographic in minutes.  I recommend it!


6 Replies to “Adding a Comment on a (Blogger) Blog”

  1. next challenge is to do the same for when you get a blog with Disqus!

    Some will allow you to post as “guest”, where you can leave your name and email address – Parajunkee is one.

    Some will make you choose between joining Disqus or not leaving a comment at all (Book Riot is one). Join yet another system to prove to you I’m not a spammer? No, you’re ok, I wont.

    One of the blogs I posted a comment to yesterday had Disqus, but *still put comment into moderation*. Why bother installing Disqus and make people go through hoops if you’re going to check their homework before you let them through?

    Anyway….good post, hope you learnt something with the new software

  2. Ah yes, I have had the Disqus issues, too. I have several blogs and would like to keep the conversations on different topics separate, but there is no way to customize.

  3. Depends how the blogger does their comment settings. Mine are set to registered users, no verification, moderation. So you do still have to sign in to something, but you don’t have to fill out the annoying captcha. I just don’t want to deal with all the anonymous spam messages. If I was wanting a more lively comment section I’d probably take off all the restrictions, but I don’t really care that much…and I’ve gotten nasty comments from authors so I want to be able to decide what I let go up there.

  4. Jennifer,

    So sorry to hear that you’ve gotten nasty comments.

    I was leaving comments on a lot of blogs I had not visited before for this challenge, so it is true that it was probably more complicated than if I was a regular commenter.

  5. I apologize from all of us who are using blogger!!
    I’ve found the same frustration with Disqus as earlier commenters, and I’ve only used it a few times. I included a pertinent link in a comment and got spammed out- meanwhile others were posting all sorts of nasty junk that didn’t get moderated out! More like “disqusted”. 🙂
    Nice job on your bloggeista mini-challenge!

  6. Sarah,

    Oh my, that is quite the awesome pun 🙂

    If you are interested in Bloggiesta, there’s going to be a longer/regular version in March.

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