Spruce Up for Spring with Bloggiesta

Do you have a blog, particularly a book blog? Time to get organized and energized with Spring 2015 Bloggiesta, running from March 23 -29, 2015.


What is Bloggiesta? It is a wonderful opportunity to ramp up your blog, get organized, take challenges, and best of all, meet awesome new bloggers! If you are a Twitter addict, there will be a series of Twitter chat parties to look forward to, as well.

If you’d also like to sign up to participate in this Bloggiesta event, be sure to make a to-do list/landing page and then add your link to the Bloggiesta sign-up page.

This week is a particularly hectic one for me, so I’m going to concentrate on the mini-challenges. They are a great way to learn about new things to keep your blog lively and up to date.

To Do List:

✅ 1. Read the Twitter Chat Tutorial ASAP. I’m never sure how to best use Twitter, so this will be useful, especially if I find time to attend one of the chats.

Ah, there are apps to make Twitter chats easier to follow. I’m definitely going to try one.

✅ 2. Check out Trello for organization. You can never be too organized when it comes to blogging.

I like the color labels (visual cues) and links to calendars. Just might take organization to a new level.

✅ 3. Improve your Disquis experience? Sounds like something good to do.

Just wish Disquis would let you link to more that one website or blog in the profile. Anyone know how to do this?

✅ 4. Joy has an intriguing challenge about making and participating in memes. All the memes I have participated in the past have fallen apart or have been transformed into blogs. Might be time to take a fresh new look at them.

Success! I have an idea for a meme I’m quite excited about. No details right now because I want to pass it by a potential co-sponsor.

✅ 5. Can’t wait to work on a treasure trove of blogging ideas. (Here’s my post about it).

Now if there was only a challenge about finding time to complete all those ideas!

6. Add more items to this list as the week progresses.

Visit my Bloggiesta Wisdom Pinterest board for easy access to Bloggiesta challenge links.


Spring Blogging Challenges(Last time I learned about Canva for making images.)

Are you going to join in? I’d love to hear what you have planned.

9 Replies to “Spruce Up for Spring with Bloggiesta”

  1. Hi again Steph.

    Seems a bit harder since this Bloggiesta is during the week, rather than over the weekend. Gives it a whole different feel. Hope your Bloggiesta is going well.

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