World Food Alphabet Children’s Book

Today we’re featuring photographer, food writer, and restauranteur Chris Caldicott’s book World Food Alphabet, which was just re-released in paperback.

World Food Alphabet starts with a breathtaking color photograph of bright orange apricots laid out to dry against the dramatic gray mountains of the Hunza Valley in Pakistan. With that first image, “Aa is for Apricots,” readers know they are in for a visual treat.

Readers will also know this is not simply an ABC concept book for preschoolers, but the type which uses the alphabet as a way to organize more complex information. Every page features a letter representing a type of food or food-related idea, and one to four photographs. Accompanying is a paragraph revealing something about the food or idea, plus information about where the photograph(s) was(were) taken.

In World Food Alphabet, Chris Caldicott uses his camera lens to give us a window to the people and food of world. It is a wonderful trip!

Jama’s Alphabet Soup has some glimpses into the book.

Age Range: 5 – 8 years
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Bks; Reprint edition (May 15, 2015)
ISBN-10: 1847806538
ISBN-13: 978-1847806536

World Food Alphabet begs to have some accompanying activities.

1. Study geography using the book.

Pull out a world map or atlas, or find one online. Locate countries or regions of the world as they are mentioned in the book.

Afterwards, visit Free Rice and use the Geography section to brush up on landmarks, maps, capitals and flags of countries around the world.

2. Make snacks, beverages or even meals using the foods featured in the book.

Suggestions for child-friendly recipes found at our sister blog, Your Individual Taste:

3. Make your own “World Food Alphabet Book.”


  • Illustrations and photographs of food from around the world, from magazines and the Internet
  • Paper (bound notebooks or sketchbooks would work well)
  • Markers, pens, pencils
  • Age-appropriate scissors
  • Glue or tape

Plan a page for each letter of the alphabet. Label with a title containing the name of the food/idea and the letter it represents. Choose appropriate photographs/illustrations, and glue or tape them on. Then do some research and write some text to accompany each.

Share the finished project with family and friends.

Aa is for Apples

Fuji_apple(“Fuji apple” by Scott Bauer, USDA ARS -Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.)


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