We’re Getting A Pet!

Do you remember the wonderful Little Golden Books® from your childhood, the ones with the gold foil on the spines? Random House Kids still publishes them, with over 200 books in the series and new titles coming out all the time.  A recent release, We’re Getting a Pet! (Little Golden Book) by Sue Fliess and illustrated by Jana Christy, captures that special childhood moment when a child adopts a new pet.

Wanting a pet can be intense for children and being asked to wait can be difficult. Once the okay is given, it can also be difficult to bypass an adorable kitten or puppy for a more reasonable older animal. We’re Getting a Pet! helps young readers deal with both these issues.

As she proves once again, Sue Fliess is a master of the gently-humorous, fast-paced rhyming text that is so appealing to little ones.

Wishing, hoping for a pet.
Last year, Dad said, “Not quite yet.”
Now I’m ready! “May I, please?”
Mom says, Yes,” and Dad agrees!

The text is paired with Jana Christy’s illustrations, which are fun and dynamic. I particularly loved the tiny furball of a hamster in its plastic exercise ball.

Check out the official trailer, which gives a preview of the book as well as some adorable photographs of real pets.

We’re Getting a Pet! is a must-have book for children wanting or about to get a pet. It also will appeal to any youngster who loves animals or wants to learn more about them.

Related Activities:

1. Show-and-Tell with Pets

We’re Getting a Pet! would be great to accompany an activity where children share about their favorite pets or reveal what sort of pets they would like to have. Arrange a show-and-tell session with photos, stuffed animals, or with parental permission, real pets.


2. Try some science activities with pets.

Suggestions include:

Age Range: 2 – 5 years
Series: Little Golden Book
Publisher: Golden Books (July 14, 2015)
ISBN-10: 0385375549
ISBN-13: 978-0385375542

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