Closing Wrapped In Foil Website and Blog Soon

Dear Followers,

I’m sad to announce that it’s time to close up this Wrapped in Foil blog and Reading Through the States website.

I’ve been blogging about children’s picture books since January 2009. A lot has changed over the years. Behind the scenes it has become more complicated and more expensive to maintain a website and blog. For example, each site needs an SSL certificate that costs around $150 for a domain plus subdomain per year. Given I have several blogs and websites, that begins to be costly.

I’m hoping to re-post some of my favorite Wrapped in Foil posts to a Blogger blogspot, Robie Gibson Writes.

You can also find my latest books and updates at Roberta Gibson Writes and It’s A Mystery blog.

I’ll also continue to post on Instagram.

Thank you for following all these years.

Happy Reading,

Roberta Gibson


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