Children’s Author Trivia Volume 39

Alas, my poor blog has been languishing lately. Let’s pick up the pace again this morning with some brand new children’s author trivia.

1. I bet you can get this one:  Which beloved children’s author passed away this month at the age of 92?

2. What prolific children’s author was recently surprised when a standardized test company used an excerpt from one of his novels involving a race between a rabbit and an eggplant?

Why was he surprised? Because the test asked the students to explain the meaning of the passage and this author is all about stories that don’t make sense. In fact, he is included in a list of “The 10 Weirdest Children’s Authors of All Time.” Do you know who he may be?

Be sure to leave a comment if you have an idea.

Edit:  The answers are now posted.


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Children’s Author Trivia Volume 38

I’m in the mood for poetry today.

1. Do you know who was named the Children’s Poet Laureate by the Poetry Foundation in May, 2011?

2. The website byline of our second poet reads: “Writer, Poet, Tadpole Rancher.” This poet takes along a paper mache frog named Studebaker when visiting schools. Do you know who this frog-obsessed poet is?

Please leave a comment if you have an idea.

Edit:  The answers are now posted.

The answers are now posted.

Children’s Author Trivia Volume 37

Today we have questions about two illustrators who are quietly expanding the look of children’s picture books.

1. Our first author loves to sew and has been able to incorporate sewing into her illustrations. One of her books won the 2011 Boston Globe – Horn Book award in the picture book category. Do you recognize this illustrator?

2. People magazine once said that through his work with paper engineering, our second illustrator has been turned into “… the Steven Spielberg of ascending insects.” This man, working with his wife at times, has put the “pop” into pop-up books. Do you know who he is?

Edit:  The answers are now posted.

Children’s Author Trivia Volume 36

It’s time for Children’s Author Trivia again.

1. Our first author started out as a cartoonist at an early age. Some of his most famous books are based on a character he developed in second grade. Now that he’s an adult, he is both an author and illustrator. His book, The Paperboy, won a Caldecott Honor. Do you know who this author is?

2. Our second author has everything from celebrity photographs of a yellow stuffed creature named “Peepy” to videos of trained goldfish on her website. She’s a Chinese-American author born in 1959. Any ideas who she might be?

Bonus question:  Do you know who the current National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature is?

Edit:  The answer is now posted. Also, clicking on the icon below will take you to more questions.