Honoring Women’s History in March

Did you know it will be Women’s History Month in March? What better way to celebrate than by sharing children’s literature about women’s contributions?

For the fifth consecutive year, librarians Margo Tanenbaum of The Fourth Musketeer and Lisa Taylor of Shelf-Employed are bringing together distinguished authors and illustrators of children’s books related to women’s history at the  KidLit Celebrates Women’s History Month blog.


The blog will publish regularly from March 1 through March 31, 2015. If you aren’t sure you’ll remember to check back (like me), you can sign up to follow the blog or receive it via email (Visit the site at http://kidlitwhm.blogspot.com to see options).

For more ideas how to bring children’s literature about women’s history to the children you work with, be sure to skim through the older posts (for example this one of hands-on activities using the featured books in 2014)  and the Internet links to educational resources.

If you choose, please let us know about your favorite finds.


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