#kidlit Set in New Hampshire: Take a Hike! A Donkey-Donk Story

Let’s wish a happy book birthday today to Take A Hike! A Donkey-Donk Story by Ellen F. Feld and photographs by John Cebula.

The third picture book in a series featuring the author’s adorable miniature donkey, follow Donkey-Donk as she prepares to hike Mount Washington in New Hampshire all the way to the top.

The first things that catch your eye when you pick up the book are the gorgeous photographs of breathtaking views, each with Donkey-Donk front and center. The scenery is amazing. The donkey knows how to pose.

Next you notice the lightly humorous, gently tongue-in-cheek story that will delight youngsters. The best part is that the text is sweet and succinct, not too wordy or overdone like some children’s books can be. It gives just the right amount of information using appropriate vocabulary, then moves on.

And move it does, right up the mountain. Do you know what is at the top of Mount Washington? You will find out if you read this book.

Take A Hike!  would be perfect to accompany a trip to New Hampshire or to encourage kids to get outside and take a hike in their own state. It is a must have for young horse or donkey lovers, too. Check out a copy today!

Paperback: 36 pages
Publisher: Willow Bend Publishing (May 7, 2020)
ISBN-10: 173376741X
ISBN-13: 978-1733767415

Note: I will be adding this book to my list of children’s books set in New Hampshire at the Reading Through the States website.

Disclosure:  This book was provided for reviewing purposes.

#Nonfiction Monday Dr. Maggie’s Grand Tour of the Solar System


Today we are featuring the fun new upper-elementary book, Dr. Maggie’s Grand Tour
 of the Solar System by Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock 
and illustrated by Chelen Écija.

What to Expect from the Tour

Space scientist Dr. Maggie guides the reader around our solar system, supported by incredible visual elements.

First up we learn what a solar system is. From there we take off, discovering how astronauts  get into space. As we look back at Earth, we encounter some weird human-made space junk that orbits the Earth, including a spatula and a camera. Cool!

What do we encounter next? Well, the moon of course. Then off to the sun for an in-depth look at our nearest star that doesn’t require eye protection.  Moving away from the sun, we visit each of the planets (and their moons) in order, plus travel through the asteroid belt. Does the tour stop at planet Neptune? No, it continues on through the Kuiper Belt to the Oort Cloud and beyond.

Curious for more?

Check out the Kane Miller Website for a peek inside the book or take a look at this wordless trailer:

What’s best about this book is that readers can read in order for a clear, logical progression or they can browse sections for specific topics of interest. The sidebars also break the text into delicious readable chunks.

Dr. Maggie’s Grand Tour
 of the Solar System will enthrall budding astronomers and astronauts alike. Pick up a copy for the ride of your life.

Suggested Activities:

Check out our sister blog, Growing with Science, for activity suggestions inspired by the book.

Visit Science Books for Kids for a growing list of children’s books about the solar system.

Ages: 8+
ISBN:  978-1-68464-034-8

Disclosure: The book was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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Nonfiction Monday #Kidlit Secrets of the Loon by Laura Purdie Salas


Tomorrow is the book birthday for a beautiful new picture book, Secrets of the Loon by Laura Purdie Salas and Charles Dayton.

Loons are water birds that live in lakes in northern North America in the summer where they dive under the water to catch fish and other small swimming animals. They are known for their haunting calls that travel great distances over the water, and for their striking black and white plumage.

According to a recent interview with Chuck Dayton, Secrets of the Loon started with his amazing photographs of loons taken over years spent at a family retreat on a lake in Minnesota. He wasn’t, however, used to writing for children, so his editor brought fellow Minnesotan and prolific children’s author/poet Laura Purdie Salas on board to write the main text. The combination is a winning one.

The main story, which is written in rhyme, follows the life of a loon named Moon from hatching to taking off for her first migration flight.

Below white pines at water’s edge,
in guarded nest of mud and sedge,
squeezed inside an olive egg,
bill meets wing meets folded leg.

Dayton’s original text is included as four pages of back matter, revealing some amazing facts. For example, loons have heavy bodies, which makes it hard for them to lift off out of the water. Once in flight, however, they can fly faster than a cheetah can run. Wow!

Secrets of the Loon is a must-read for budding ornithologists, especially ones who live near lakes where loons swim. It is also a treat for the rest of us who wish we could visit a cold lake and listen to these fascinating birds. Dive into the book today!


Age Range: 3 – 7 years
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press (April 28, 2020)
ISBN-10: 1681341581
ISBN-13: 978-1681341583

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#kidlit for John James Audubon’s Birthday: Ivy Bird

For John James Audubon’s birthday today we have a delightful picture book for the youngest set,  Ivy Bird by Tania McCartney and illustrated by Jess Racklyeft.


The story follows Ivy, a creative young girl, as she takes part in a series of fanciful activities, all inspired by birds. Throughout her day Ivy swims and forages and flaps her wings alongside her bird friends.

The illustrations also take the reader on flights of fancy, mixing colors and textures in a rich, complex way.

Regardless of the inventiveness, however, this book falls squarely in the realm of informational fiction. The back matter includes facts about each of the twelve different birds from around the world that are featured in the main text  — from bower birds to robins — as well as a challenge to find them in the pages of the story.

Ivy Bird is a fun read-aloud for preschoolers that is sure to spark their imaginations, as well as an interest in learning more about birds.

Activity Suggestion:

Visit the Audobon Society for an extensive list of activities and DIY projects to help birds.

Try some of the activities for observing backyard birds at Growing with Science.

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Age Range: 3 – 6 years
Publisher: Blue Dot Kids Press (April 7, 2020)
ISBN-10: 1733121218
ISBN-13: 978-1733121217