Books for Halloween: A Trick or a Treat?

Did you see the promotion about Books for Treats in the comic strip Luann yesterday? First there were books in breakfast cereal. Now giving out books instead of candy at Halloween?

Giving out gently used books for Halloween instead of candy does seem like an interesting idea. My son is allergic to dairy products and other foods. Halloween has never had the thrill for him that kids that can eat chocolate, etc. He always appreciated the homes that gave out small toys instead of candy.

I am concerned that kids that can eat candy are not going to be as positive about receiving “an old book” as the website suggests. If I try giving out books this year, I’ll probably offer candy too. I know, part of the idea is to reduce the amount of candy kids consume, but the positive aspects of promoting reading is more important to me. Let the kids get used to the idea slowly.

Another issue is the age range of the children who trick-or-treat. The website does have information about how to organize books by reading level, but how do you present an age-appropriate book quickly? I am afraid I’ll be giving board books to teenagers by the end of the night. I wish the Luann cartoon had run last week so I had more time to prepare.

One the positive side, this could be a great opportunity for publishers in the future to produce “bite-sized” books just for distribution at Halloween. Now wouldn’t that be spooky?