Answers to Children’s Author Trivia Volume 47

I guess I’m a bit late this week. As the old saying goes, better late than never.

Now to reveal the authors who wrote books about horses:

1. Our first author wrote numerous books with horses in them (and even one about a donkey), but probably her most famous is about a wild horse that lived on an island off the coast of Virginia.

Marguerite Henry is surely best known for her classic Misty of Chincoteague, but she wrote many other stories about horses. The book about the the burro was Brighty: of the Grand Canyon.

Being an author and writing books were a natural for Henry because her father was a publisher. Her books were award winners.  Justin Morgan Had a Horse won a Newbery Honor and King of the Wind won the Newbery Medal.



2. Our second author’s book about a horse in difficult circumstances has been made into a movie by none other than Steven Spielberg!

We had featured War Horse by Michael Morpurgo here at Wrapped in Foil previously, but it is such a part of popular culture, we decided to use it again. It is the story of World War I shown through the eyes of a horse.

If you go to the previous post, you will see the puppet horses used in the stage version.

The movie trailer for Steven Spielberg’s version:



3. Our final author has been writing since she was seven. Many of her books are mysteries. The heroine of our featured book gets into trouble due to her reaction to the death of her favorite horse. Can she figure out what really happened?

Figuring out this book and author, Shadow Horse by Alison Hart, were the most challenging of the three questions. Her first book, that she wrote and self-published at the age of seven, was The Wild Dog.

Here’s a moving video trailer for Shadow Horse:





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