Answers to Children’s Author Trivia Volume 21

44. We’ve had authors who write with their spouses, and friends who write together, so today we’re going to look at two brothers who co-author books. One of the brothers is a journalist and professional musician, the other a history professor (now emeritus). Together they write historical fiction for children. One of their books is a Newbery Honor book. They have also written a nonfiction series: Drama of American History. They came from a family of writers, including their father. Can you name these two brothers?

James Lincoln Collier is a journalist, children’s book author and professional trombone player. Christopher Collier has a doctorate in history and was nominated for a Pulitizer Prize for one of his books for adults. Together they collaborate on historical fiction and nonfiction for children and young adults. One of their books, My Brother Sam Is Dead, is a Newbery Honor Book.

Have you read any books by the Collier brothers?

45. This prolific author of over 300 children’s books has recently published a few books of poems accompanied by her son’s photographs, but she has worked with many illustrators. She has won numerous awards and honors. Two of her books have won Caldecott medals. She is a strong storyteller who likes her stories to have a distinct setting and to have a happy ending. She often has ten or more books in the works at once. Do you know who this author who followed in her father’s footsteps (he was a journalist) is?

Jane Yolen is more than prolific, she’s in a class all by herself. She says she has won awards and made money writing books, but the thing she is most passionate about is the book she’s currently working on, whichever that is.

See for yourself:

Just a few of Jane Yolen’s books:

Do you have a favorite book by Jane Yolen?

We’ll be back with more trivia in the new year.