Good Night, Little Sea Otter

Sweet, adorable, gentle, soothing, serene. Those are the words to describe Good Night, Little Sea Otter, a new bedtime book for the youngest set by Janet Halfmann, with illustrations by Wish Williams.

Little Sea Otter is getting ready to go to sleep in his bed of kelp with his mother. Before he can shut his eyes, however, he must wish all of his friends good night. Your children will have a delightful time naming and pointing out all of Little Sea Otter’s sea creature friends, while the soothing tone of the book prepares them for their bedtime as well.

Janet Halfmann, who stopped by for an interview earlier this year, writes that she fell in love with sea otters when she was doing research for a magazine article about two young scuba divers.  The divers dove in a kelp forest off the coast of California, so Janet got to know the creatures found there. If you are familiar with kelp forests, you will recognize many of the characters in this book.

In fact, reading Good Night, Little Sea Otter would be an absolutely fantastic way to get children excited about to a trip to the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium and also a sweet remembrance of their adventures afterward.

Sweet dreams!

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Reading level: Ages 4-8 (could be read to much younger children)
Publisher: Star Bright Books (September 15, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1595722548
ISBN-13: 978-1595722546

Book was provided for review purposes.