Life Cycle of an Oak Tree

Angela Royston is a prolific children’s writer, and her expertise shows in Life Cycle of An Oak Tree. She knows exactly what words to use, simply and clearly. She also knows how the story should unfold. In fact, Life Cycle of An Oak Tree is a nice solid informational book rather like an oak tree itself.

life-cycle-oak-tree-1Starting out with an acorn, and following an oak tree through its life cycle until it is hundreds of years old, the young reader learns both about the developmental process and the vocabulary needed to discuss it. The centerpiece of the story is an English oak, which can live for 900 years. What a venerable tree!

Illustrated with clear, colorful photographs, and with a timeline on each page, the book is visually appealing. The summary of the life cycle does skip steps, for example moving from sapling to catkins, but the text makes the steps clear.

For children interested in nature and ready to show off their reading skills, this is great book to give them a firm start.

Ages:  6-8  •  Grade Level:  1-3
Publisher: Heinemann  2010 (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9781432925314 (1432925318)

Submitted to the July I Can Read carnival, hosted at In Need of Chocolate.