Answers to Children’s Author Trivia Volume 10

We have two women authors this week to make up for discussing three men last week.

23. This author’s first book was a fictional account of her older sister’s early death, called A Summer to Die. For later books, she won Newbery Medals in 1990 and 1994. Who is she?

Lois Lowry has included some of the speeches she gave throughout the years on her website. For example, she has included the speech she gave when she won the Newbery for The Giver in 1994. If you have some time, it is well worth poking around her website and blog.

Check out these videos, too. In this video, Time for Kids reporter Hannah Spicijaric interviews Lois Lowry, particularly about The Willoughbys.

In this video, Lowry is interviewed by Time for Kids reporter Sarah Horbacewicz about her recent book The Birthday Ball.

What a fascinating person!

24. This writer enjoyed fairy tales as a child and her books often have a fairy tale quality. She was given art lessons by her mother, and has worked as an illustrator as well as a writer. In fact her first book was a collaboration with her husband. He wrote the book and she illustrated it. Two of her books have been made into movies, and one was a Newbery Honor book. Do you recognize the author?

Natalie Babbitt has had two books made into movies:  Tuck Everlasting and The Eyes of the Amaryllis.

We were introduced to Natalie Babbitt’s work when my son chose Search for Delicious for a book report. It is definitely a story with multiple layers of meaning and complexity. It will stick with you after you read it.

Here are some of her other books:

Can you see the fairy tale influence?

Note: Children’s Author Trivia is taking a vacation this week, but will be back next Thursday.