Answers to Children’s Author Trivia Volume 7

Question 15. This prolific author’s first book for children was about cockroaches. Since then she has written books that combine science and humor in a way that has captured the imaginations of millions of school children. A major character in her most popular books is known to dress appropriately for each book. Who is the author?

The words school, science and dress might have been clues to the famous author of the Magic School Bus series, Joanna Cole. Who can forget the fabulous Ms. Frizzle as she leads a field trip to the inside of the earth wearing a bright yellow dress covered with shovels and pick axes, with tiny shovels for earrings? Although she seems a bit larger than life, I think we all secretly wish we’d been in her classroom.

Here’s what Joanna Cole says about her books:

A few of her many books:

Question 16. This world famous children’s author started out writing for adults for fifteen years before he started writing for children. Despite suffering tragedies and having health problems later in life, he continued to write bestseller after bestseller. He now is celebrated on his birthday, September 13.

In an unexpected twist, it turns out that this author, Roald Dahl is in the news because his first wife, actress Patricia Neal, passed away this week. This has caused a renewed interest in Roald Dahl, as well.

Roald Dahl was a WWII flying ace, who started writing for adults about his war experiences. At the official website, it said his children’s books began to take off after about fifteen years, although I believe he may have actually started writing them much sooner. Roald Dahl and Patricia Neal experienced the death of one of their children (to measles), a devastating accident with another, and Neal’s life-threatening strokes while pregnant with their last child. Dahl became a bit of a medical expert, designing a valve for draining fluid from the brain with two of his friends.

On top of dealing with all these difficult events, Dahl managed to crank out such bestsellers as James and the Giant Peach, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The inspiring part is that the books have stood the test of time, and even given their unusual content and dark humor, are still as relevant and revered as when he wrote them.

Let’s celebrate his birthday on Septmeber 13 by reading one of Roald Dahl’s classic books.