Hopping into Summer with The Hidden Life of a Toad

Let’s take a look at the new picture book The Hidden Life of a Toad by biologist and photographer Doug Wechsler.

Many books feature what we commonly call frogs, but hardly any concentrate on their less colorful, bumpy cousins the toads. The Hidden Life of a Toad brings some well-deserved attention to these fascinating creatures.

In addition to filling a neglected niche, the book has a great deal more going for it. First of all, Wechsler went to great lengths to capture high quality images of every step in the toad life cycle, and his photographs are stellar. He waded into water, spent nights in the woods, and brought toad eggs home to watch in a tank. You can read about what he did to take the photos in the back matter.

Next, as a biologist, his facts are impeccable. Back matter is filled with supplemental information, including a glossary, toad facts, and suggestions for helping toads. It is sure to inspire future toad biologists to want to learn more.

Finally, what is even better is that he has studied children’s literature and his writing is spot on, too. It is full of lively verbs:

One embryo wiggles.
It wriggles.
It jiggles about.

The Hidden Life of a Toad delivers all you can ask for in nonfiction and more. Share it with a young reader today.

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