Children’s Art Magazines

In celebration of arts week here at Wrapped in Foil, let’s take a look at some art, writing and music magazines for children.

Surprisingly, most of the art magazines I found were for adults teaching children, rather than for the children themselves. I’ve included the adult because they may be useful for mature, highly-interested children and young adults.

Art Magazines for Children

ARTaFacts Magazine offers elementary and secondary level issues. The two cover the same information in the free sample copies, but the secondary is in more depth.

Arts & Activities has a free sign up for digital issues. It is geared for adults/teachers with many ads. The activity ideas seem to be creative and professionally done. Definitely worth a look.

Although we listed these in the post on science magazines, Carus/Cricket Magazine Group offer arts magazines as well. Muse is a good example.

ChildArt is “designed and written for 8-12 year olds.” Although it is pricey, it does have a professional appearance.

Cloth Paper Scissors is one of my favorite art magazines, so I just had to include it here. It is for adults, but is so creative! Here is a kid-friendly article.

Another magazine geared for adults teaching art is School Arts. According to the free issue online, the activities/articles are separated into elementary, middle school and high school levels.

Scholastic Art is a classroom magazine for grades 7-12, with a teachers guide and other supporting materials. Teacher’s guides are also available for grades 4-6. Special rates apply if you order less than 10 copies. I have picked up Scholastic’s teacher magazines, and the art posters they supply are good ones.

Dare I add FamilyFun Magazine as a source of craft ideas?

Writing Magazines for Children

Stone Soup is written and illustrated by and for 8-13 year olds. The editors take writing and art contributions from children up to age 13. Check online for a sample copy.

Hutch: A Kids’ Literary and Art Magazine sponsored by The Blue Bunny Bookstore, in Dedham, MA. Submission guidelines are listed at the first link. The ordering link seems to be broken. Edit: Links upgraded 1/23/2014

Music Magazines for Children

John Jacobson’s Music Express says it is designed for students and teacher in grades K-6. Anyone ever seen this one?

Music K-8 Magazine is published throughout the school year and can come with a CD.

Note: magazines seem to come and go quickly these days, so buyer beware. But that also means they could use our support.

Do you have any suggestions, comments or questions?