Books in Cereal Boxes

This week I bought a box of our usual breakfast cereal and guess what was inside? A children’s book! What a great idea to get kids to read. The book was by a popular author. It had been printed as a paperback in a special small size to fit easily in the box. My son and I both enjoyed reading it.

I was especially excited because I had just heard an interview a few weeks ago on the radio that 80% of all households in the US did not purchase a single book last year. (As I’ve long suspected, I have been almost single-handedly keeping bookstores open). If you want to listen, check out 11:00Emma Walton Hamilton: “Raising Bookworms”  on the Diane Rehm show. Note:  Emma Walton Hamilton is Julie Andrews’ daughter.

My conclusion:  If you want to get your children to read more, stuff a book in their cereal.

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