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I had a question from a parent the other day about children’s magazines. She wanted to find something appropriate for her tween son. I thought a list of magazine links would be useful for not only parents looking for magazines, but also writers looking for places to submit articles.ask

Today let’s start with science-related magazines.

1. The big name in children’s magazines is Carus Publishing/Cricket.

Is it even possible to get through childhood without getting at least one of their magazines? For science, try Ask (arts and sciences for 6-9 yo), Muse (a mix of topics, including science for 9-14 yo), and Odyssey, (science for ages 9-12).


Links to submission guidelines for writers:
Ask with themes for upcoming issues and updates
Odyssey although the link is apparently dated (the themes are from 2009)

2.  Kids Discover (7-12 yo) The entire issue is on a single theme, such as “Atoms” or “Ancient Greece.” This magazine is very visual in its design, with many color photos and illustrations.

Didn’t find information for writers at the website.

3. National Geographic Kids

This magazine does have a lot of ads, which turned off our family. No information for writers.

4. Scholastic Offers ScienceWorld Magazine for grades 6-10 and Super Science grades 3-6

General submissions information for writers.

5. Science Weekly (grades K-6) is geared for schools, but does offer individual subscriptions

Couldn’t find a link to submissions guidelines, but I believe they use freelance writers to develop entire issues. Try a recent Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market for details.  Samples are available online.

6. YES Magazine (10-15 yo)
The Science Magazine for Adventurous Minds
(from Canada) Sample Pages
and for younger children – Know (6-9 yo)
YES writer’s guidelines

If you are interested in science, Science News for Kids has a strong magazine format although it is online.

Because magazines can come and go quickly, please let me know if you have and additions to (or subtractions from) this list.

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  1. Thanks so much for these links. YES looks like something my 10 year old would enjoy. He has a subscription to National Geographic for Kids, which he likes, although I know what you mean about the ads.

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