Orb Weavers: Hungry Spinners By Sandra Markle

Did you hear about the spiders that went into space last week on the Space Shuttle Endeavor? The spider are part of a project aimed at getting children involved in science (see more about it in related activities section). Our books today, Orb Weavers: Hungry Spinners by Sandra Markle, is a perfect tie-in book to accompany the Spiders in Space experiment.

Series:  Arachnid World

Reading level:  Upper Elementary (Grades 4-8)

Summary:  Overview of what makes orb weavers unique from other spiders. Includes information on anatomy, life cycles, and about their webs.

Illustrations: Color photographs

Comments: Sandra Markle has written a number of books about spiders and her passion for them shows through. Just the right amount of information to keep the reader interested.

Related activities:

  • The book has an activity on page 46 to test how spiders feel movement of their webs.
  • Check out the Spiders into Space science project
  • Scientists have just discovered an orb weaver that produces the biggest web in the world, so large they go across streams!.

Compatible fiction: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Publisher:  Lerner Pub Group (T) (March 2011)

ISBN-10: 0761350392
ISBN-13: 978-0761350392

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