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Why study world languages? The reasons and benefits for picking up a bilingual book, or a book written in another world language, are many.

1. It’s good for your brain

Neurobiologists are beginning to uncover a wealth of different benefits for studying a second languages. Young children who are bilingual show an enhanced ability to concentrate, which may have to do with increased development of the working memory. In older adults, learning a second language may stave off the onset of dementia. Scientists have even found that adults who have learned a second language have denser gray matter; their brains are changed structurally.

2. Early exposure is beneficial to learning a language

Evidence is mounting that the earlier a child is exposed to second language, the more likely he or she will be able to become fluent in that language.

3. Studying languages is a graduation requirement

Many colleges require that potential students to have studied at least two and up to four years of languages in high school.

How does a student decide which language to study if they have had little exposure, if they never heard or seen any other languages besides their home language? Other than taking the same classes as their friends, it may be difficult for a student to decide which one fits his or her needs and personality best. Exposure to a variety of bilingual books may help students figure out where their interests lie and concentrate their studies more effectively.

4. Employers value bilingual employees, as well as those who are knowledgeable of other cultures.

Being able to communicate effectively with customers from a diversity of backgrounds is a valuable ability in many of fields of work.

5. Opens up opportunities for travel and working in other countries.

Let’s face it, knowing a second language can lead to a variety of opportunities. The first step to opening that door may be a simple as opening a book!

Where to find out more about the benefits to the brain:
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