Answers for Children’s Author Trivia Volume 13

Are you ready to find out the answers? I think they will surprise you.

29. In last week’s trivia, we found out that Lizbeth Zwerger received the Hans Christian Andersen medal in 1990. So we have a straightforward question for today:

Who won the Hans Christian Andersen Author Medal for 2010?

British author David Almond won the award for lifetime achievement in children’s literature in 2010. His best known book is probably his first work for young adults, Skellig. It has been adapted as a play, opera and made into a movie. All of his young adult books are complex, and suitable for adults as well.

Fans of his young adult books might not be aware of his darling fantasy children’s picture book,  Kate, the Cat and the Moon.

30. This is an interesting one: Who burned his own manuscript before the book was published, after he had been working on it for over 20 years?

According to Jim Trelease, Wilson Rawls was so embarrassed at the spelling and grammar errors in his book Where the Red Fern Grows that he burned it. After he got married, his wife encouraged him to rewrite it. He did it in three weeks! What an amazing story.

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