Science Fair Season

Science Fair Season: Twelve Kids, a Robot Named Scorch . . . and What It Takes to Win by Judy Dutton isn’t the usual fare. What it is, however, is a one of a kind book about kids getting ready for and participating in the 2009 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair(R).

Sound like it might be dry? It is anything but! Judy Dutton really gets to know each of the the kids she highlights. She delves into their motivations, their struggles, and the implications of their projects. Every single story compelling.

Every story also emphasizes how important science fairs have become to the lives of kids. Basically, colleges and companies alike are scouting these science fairs for new talent, just like athletes are scouted at big games. Wondering how things will turn out for kids who futures depend on the outcome adds suspense and excitement.

Whether you are interested in science or not, this book is fun to read. If you are interested in science, or even more importantly, are likely to be assisting with or participating in a science fair, it is a must read.

Science Fair Season: Twelve Kids, a Robot Named Scorch . . . and What It Takes to Win is not listed as a children’s book. Because the main characters of the book are are kids, however, I’m sure it will appeal to older or mature middle grade students and it is definitely appropriate for young adults (there is an “adult” word, if that is an issue.)

For more information:

Science Fair Season was brought to my attention by a review by Abby the Librarian.

Author Judy Dutton takes part in the Talking Science blog group.

Growing With Science has more information about science fairs.

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Hyperion; 1 edition (April 19, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1401323790
ISBN-13: 978-1401323790

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  1. Thanks for this recommendation. This will be a good addition to the Doucette Library’s collection. Sounds similar to the movie I viewed recently called WhizKids. Enjoyed it very much.
    Apples with Many Seeds

  2. Tammy,

    One of the kids from the book was filmed for the WhizKids movie, the one that was involved with DuPont. It gives some of the behind the scenes.

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